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What’s Included in the Course?

  • Access to hundreds of AEMCA-type scenario questions and stand-alone questions; + detailed written and video solutions
  • Hundreds of instructional videos, high quality medical images, and integrated BLS and ALS documents
  • Integrated Pre-hospital Emergency Care Syllabus
  • Mock AEMCA Exams, study-guide documents, video presentations, and PowerPoint AEMCA study guides
  • Four 3-hour online synchronous classes with expert AEMCA-Exam instructor Caroline Richards
  • A 4-week study schedule designed to keep you on track for passing the exam.

We explain the course in more detail in our YouTube video. Please watch it here below.


  • $299 for CTS Students.
  • $399 for non-CTS applicants.
  • For more information or questions please email:
  • If you are a CTS Grad contact your campus program coordinator; Paul Chambers, Dan O’Hare ,or Sarah Forbes, for verification and you will receive instructions on how to receive the full discount
  • If 4 NON-CTS students join as a group, the cost is $299 each.

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Next Course Offering: August 21, 2017

$399.00 (Single) $299.00 (Group)