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What do Business students learn at CTS Sudbury?

CTS’s Business programs help students develop the knowledge and practical skills they need to become valuable assets in any office environment. With a strong emphasis on organizational strategies, the latest office software programs, book-keeping, and communication skills, CTS Business graduates are well prepared for positions in large companies, start-ups, government departments and non-profits.

Which Business Programs are offered at CTS Sudbury?

CTS Sudbury offers two Business diploma programs, both designed around current industry trends and the highest standard of excellence.

Office Administrator: Learn best practices in office management, become familiar with administrative and accounting software, and hone your inter-personal skills in this challenging 27-week program.

Office and Payroll Administrator: In addition to essential office administration skills, students learn payroll compliance legislation, accounting fundamentals, and become proficient in Simply Accounting and Quick Books during this intensive 45-week program.


How Does CTS Prepare Business Students for Career Success?

CTS instructors have years of professional experience. Caring and dedicated, they work with students to ensure they understand and can apply every key concept.

Both CTS Business programs come with job placements so students graduate with real-world experience and the confidence they need to secure work in their chosen field.

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Featured Testimonial

Lori Baxter, Office Administration Course

Returning to school as a mature student was a life changing experience. After working for over 20 years, I really had no idea what I was in for. I never thought going back to school would be so much fun.In a small classroom setting our instructor, Attila Farkas, was able to take the time with each of us focusing on all of our needs. Attila's patience and understanding are incredible. I have made new friends at CTS, it is really hard to leave. I really enjoyed the hands-on learning and Attila was always helpful and supportive. I am forever grateful for my experience at CTS and thank all of you for making my learning experience one I will never forget