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Advancing computer technology means rapid change for today’s office professional. As a result, this program provides extensive training in the latest software, as well as the skills needed to adapt to and manage the ongoing challenges today’s office administrators must face.

This 27-Week program provides practical training in office management practices, including operations, structure and functions, problem solving relative to people, equipment and procedures, and accounting practices including accounts payable/ receivable, trial balances, bookkeeping, journal entries, and payroll administration. Graduates from this program will realize a multitude of opportunities as this knowledge is the basis for many positions in an office setting throughout public and private organizations.


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Lori Baxter
Office Administration Course

Returning to school as a mature student was a life changing experience. After working for over 20 years, I really had no idea what I was in for. I never thought going back to school would be so much fun.In a small classroom setting our instructor, Attila Farkas, was able to take the time with each of us focusing on all of our needs. Attila's patience and understanding are incredible. I have made new friends at CTS, it is really hard to leave. I really enjoyed the hands-on learning and Attila was always helpful and supportive. I am forever grateful for my experience at CTS and thank all of you for making my learning experience one I will never forget