This AEMCA Exam Prep course here at CTSCCC is divided into 4 components:

1. Preparatory Modules: Study these documents carefully before moving forward to the study-modules.

2. Study Modules: Here is where students should spend most of their time. They’ll find study modules on A&P, Patho, and Assessment/Management for most categories (i.e., respiratory, cardio, shock, etc). Students should take their time here; answer the questions as best they can, review the solutions, watch the video solutions, and click on the links in the solution. They’ll also find post-assessments with the study modules. We suggest completing the post-assessments once the study modules have been reviewed thoroughly; this will give an idea of how much information has been retained.

3. Online Virtual Classes: We will have 4 live online classes in this course.  The link to the virtual classroom is provided on the homepage of the course. Click it and it will take you directly into the classroom where your instructor Kim Bolton will meet you to go through a problem-based lesson to prep for the AEMCA. You can also watch the recordings from past classes on the course website.

4. Resources: Can be found at the bottom of the course homepage. Here video lectures from previous course offerings, AEMCA slideshows, website links, mock exams, documents, study aids, etc. can all be found.

What’s Included in the Course?

  • Access to hundreds of AEMCA-type scenario questions and stand-alone questions;
  • Integrated BLS and ALS documents;
  • Integrated Pre-hospital Emergency Care Syllabus;
  • Pre- and post-assessment for students to evaluate their mastery of the content;
  • Video tutorial with AEMCA-Exam instructor Kim Bolton on how to answer AEMCA-style multiple multiples;
  • Email access to instructor Kim Bolton for help as needed;
  • A 5-week study schedule designed to keep you on track for passing the exam.

Register for the course at any time and get one-year access


  • $299 for CTS Students.
  • $399 for non-CTS applicants.
  • For more information or questions please email:
  • If you are a CTS Grad contact your campus program coordinator for verification and you will receive instructions on how to receive the full discount; (Paul Chambers, Dan O’Hare ,Sarah Forbes or Kim Bolton )
  • If 4 NON-CTS students join as a group, the cost is $299 each.
  • The college sends enrollment confirmations to new students by no later than the end of the next business day after students register.


Next Course Offering: December 9th, 2019

$399.00 (Single) $299.00 (Group)