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Earn Your Business Management Diploma at CTS

Complete in-depth coursework and a hands-on field placement to gain the skills you need to succeed!

CTS Canadian Career College’s new Business Diploma Program is designed to prepare graduates to play a role in human resource management, develop and execute advertising campaigns, evaluate the activities of sales departments, and more.

Students with a Grade 12 Ontario Secondary School Diploma, or mature students who complete the mature student test are eligible for the program. An ideal aptitude profile also includes a curiosity about business, problem-solving skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, and excellent communication skills.

Upon completion of the business diploma program, students graduate with a Post-Secondary Diploma.

A Business Program that Prepares You to Excel in a Modern Business Environment

The skills needed in business today are changing as rapidly as is business itself. Graduates of this 52 week program, includes a 160 hour placement, and will develop the marketing and advertising skills to plan, direct, and evaluate the various activities of sales departments, and will also be prepared to play a role in human resource management, including recruitment, orientation, change & organizational management and strategic planning.

A Small College that Cares About Your Success

CTS Canadian Career College has a 30-year history of teaching excellence. Those years of experience, combined with a small and supportive campus environment, help give each student the individual attention they need to succeed.

Students benefit from:

  • Small class sizes
  • Job search assistance
  • On-site financial aid assistance
  • On-site admissions assistance
  • Free mature student tutoring and testing

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