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Office Administrator

Every type of organization requires office administrators to ensure that operations run efficiently and effectively. As business practices and technology advances rapidly, today’s office administrator must learn diverse skills and knowledge to adapt to various environments. Office administration positions are popular for their steady hours, job security and comfortable working environments, while offering opportunities for diverse responsibilities and career advancement.

CTS Canadian Career College’s 31-week Office Administrator program in Barrie includes 200 hours of placement and provides extensive training in the latest software to gain the top skills demanded for these challenging roles. Students will learn valuable bookkeeping, keyboarding, presentation, customer service and sales skills while honing their highly desirable communication, organization and analytical abilities. Additional training in job search techniques will open doors to employment in all types of industries, small or large businesses, whether corporate or non-profit, public or private.

Graduates of this program will understand office management and accounting practices, including accounts payable and receivable, trial balances, journal entries and payroll administration.

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