Job Title Campus Director
Department Management
Location Barrie, Ontario
Reports to Executive Director of Operations
Supervises Coordinators, Instructors, Administrative staff

Job Summary

The Campus Director is responsible to manage the faculty, staff, students and day to day operations of their specific campus. The campus director will also be required to become a point of contact within the organization in a specific area of expertise.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Ensure that there is adequate and qualified faculty for the instruction of students ensuring adherence to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) requirements
  • Supervise instruction on the campus, and advise and assist instructors so as to maintain the highest standard of instruction.
  • Ensure that students are being taught in accordance with approved curriculum
  • Foster the development of co-operation and co-ordination of effort among instructional staff of the school.
  • Conduct regular and periodic evaluations of instructors.
  • Supervise methods of evaluation necessary for the assessment and promotion of students, and monitor the evaluation of students to ensure that such evaluations comply with the requirements of the College.
  • Meet with students and/or prospective students at their request to discuss their courses of study, their responsibilities as students, and provide such other personal guidance as may be required and/or refer them to appropriate guidance counsellor.
  • Participate in the student appeal process.
  • Preserve the integrity and security of the examination system.
  • Participate on external committees relating to the educational programs

Financial Accountability

  • Monitor and manage actual revenue, operational and capital expenditures to meet approved budget percentages.
  • When expenditures are not in line with established percentages of revenue, prepare a plan of action to remedy the situation and present it to the President.
  • When discrepancies are found, report such to the Accounting Manager and/or the President.
  • Monitor campus service provider contracts to ensure we are obtaining the lowest cost provider without sacrificing quality


  • Review and authorize payroll for Campus Staff and Faculty each pay run.
  • Ensure that class schedules are up to date and prepared far enough in advance to ensure both instructors and facility requirements can be accommodated. Schedules must have at least the course code and instructor(s) name(s) listed and maintained.
  • Attendance problems are to be dealt with at once as per the attendance policy and procedures in place, which may be revised from time to time. If attendance problem is not resolved by discussion take appropriate action to resolve the problem.
  • Manage the student discipline process
  • In consultation with the Program Manager and/or Assistant Campus Director or Registrar (where applicable at specific campus), plan a course of study for students who are returning to complete programs.
  • Deal promptly with any neglect of duty by an Instructor, or an infraction of the College rules by a student.
  • Recommend to the President the graduation of students who have met the requirements of a program.
  • Participate in the organization of graduation and in the ceremony.
  • Retain on file up-to-date copies of course outlines for all courses of instruction.
  • Assist with development of policies and procedures that are consistent with CTS Canadian Career College philosophy and Ministry requirements.
  • Implement the policies and procedures established by the College.
  • Ensure policies and procedures are communicated to appropriate staff.
  • Ensure faculty and staff are aware of new Ministry or OSAP policies or procedures and that they adhere to them.
  • Ensure compliance with policies both internal or Ministry rules.
  • Suggest policy changes and options.
  • Participate in periodic meetings with support staff (both admissions and financial) re issues that affect both parties.
  • Chair faculty and/or administration meetings.
  • Participate in student and new faculty orientation.
  • Hire and oversee training and supervision of staff
  • Continue training and development of staff in accordance with the policies and procedures of the organization
  • Ensure all staff are properly notified to any changes in policies, procedures, or government regulations relevant to the college


  • Represent the College at various school-related functions, either individually or with the President.
  • Assist the program and placement coordinators to promote graduates to employers
  • Participate in promotional activities, both internal and external, designed to promote the College and its programs to the public and potential students.
  • The Campus Director is also expected to join a board of directors or be involved with community groups.
  • Meet with businesses that employ our students and see how we can improve our programs.


  • Ensure admission and financial documentation is complete before accepting the student into the program. In the event of an exception to this, the reason for the deviation in the process is to be documented in the file and the President is to be notified.
  • Assist with interviewing potential students for various programs, on request from admissions personnel.


  • Ensure adherence to OSAP standards and requirements (attendance, etc.)
  • Recommend changes to policies and procedures to ensure OSAP standards are being met
  • Liaise with academic personnel regarding OSAP-related issues while maintaining the confidentiality of OSAP information.

Program Development

  • Liaise with President regarding new programming ideas.
  • Recommend new programs for development.
  • Participate in curriculum development.
  • Participate in discussions re standards for admissions to various programs.
  • Assist in preparing submissions to the Ministry for new program offerings as requested. This may include meeting with employers to be placement hosts and getting practicum agreements signed.


  • Maintain complete and accurate documentation in areas of responsibility
  • Prepare reports for President as required
  • Other related duties as may be required



College Diploma or University Degree in Business Management or similar field is preferred. Additional education or experience as a teacher or instructor is considered an asset.


The successful candidate should have a minimum of 5 years previous experience within a business environment. Additional experience including ; managing personnel, marketing and have a positive influence within the community are considered an asset.


  1. Familiar with Private Career Colleges
  2. Private Career Colleges Act
  3. Employment Standards Act
  4. Ontario Human Rights Code
  5. Accessibility of Ontarians Disability Act – Customer Service Standard


  1. Microsoft Office Suite
  2. Microsoft Outlook
  3. Google Mail, Docs, and Calendar
  4. Whatsapp


  1. Conduct yourself professionally at all times
  2. Create and develop lasting community relationships
  3. Communicate with internal staff

Working Conditions

  1. Position location: Barrie, Ontario
  2. Work environment: Office position
  3. Hours of work: 40 hours per week
  4. Schedule of work is typically 8:30am – 5:00pm


The successful candidate can expect a starting range between $60,000 – $70,000 annual salary and will be eligible for performance bonuses and medical benefits upon successful completion of their probationary period.


Please submit your cover letter and resume to and identify the position and location that you are applying for in the subject line.

CTS Canadian Career College and Modern College of Hairstyling and Esthetics is an equal opportunity employer.