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Accounting and Payroll Administrator

Accounting and payroll administrators play an important role in ensuring smooth operations in the workplace. As the nature of business rapidly evolves with recent technological advances, today’s payroll professional must be familiar with the latest computer software and payroll legislation. Payroll administrators may work in a company’s accounts team or for organizations providing payroll services for other companies, ensuring employees are accurately and promptly compensated.

CTS Canadian Career College’s 52-week Accounting and Payroll Administrator program in North Bay provides extensive training in the most common software applications and the other necessary skills for succeeding in this profession. Students will learn how the payroll function operates in relation to general accounting procedures, as well as valuable business communication, sales, and accounting and payroll practices, including bookkeeping, journal entries, accounts payable and receivable, and reporting requirements.

Before receiving the Accounting and Payroll Administrator diploma, students must successfully complete the National Payroll Institute’s (NPI) Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) Certification and participate in a 200-hour placement. Our NPI approved payroll courses provide the comprehensive skill set necessary to succeed in these rewarding careers.

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Featured Testimonial

Alicia T.

I attended CTS in the spring of 2011. I was a single mom with a disabled son looking for employment with no training. CTS was very understanding and flexible with my situation. I was able to complete my Accounting & Payroll Administrator program and received the President's award for my grades. The instructors and staff were helpful and always there for support and to answer questions. I went for my placement and got hired as their payroll compliance practitioner immediately after the placement ended. I went on to become their accounting manager within one year. I still get excellent feedback about the resume that they helped me create.

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