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Police Foundations

Serve and protect to make the world a safer place with our Police Foundations program! Law enforcement agencies including the OPP and RCMP are actively pursuing new recruits to meet the increasing demand for police and security personnel.

CTS Canadian Career College’s 51-week Police Foundations program provides students with a wide range of skills and knowledge, including the Canadian justice system, conflict management, investigation and criminology. Students will apply this knowledge throughout the program by assisting police services or event security detail in their local community.

Graduates of this program will be qualified to pursue careers in policing agencies throughout the country as well as Canadian customs and immigration, custody and correctional services, and federal and provincial government enforcement bodies. The acquired skills are also desirable for in-demand career opportunities such as security officers, wardens, campus police, court bailiffs, 9-1-1 operators and loss prevention personnel.

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Featured Testimonial

Chris F.
Police Foundations Graduate

I thoroughly enjoyed the Police Foundations program. I'm a huge fan of the instructors and the fact that they are retired police officers is such a beneficial component to the program! Being educated by people that have lived the career is an unmatchable opportunity for student wanting to work their way into law enforcement. A true bonus for me at this point in my life, now 31 and having taken the program a little over two years ago, is that I didn't really have two years to commit to obtaining a college diploma, which is what would've been necessary at other colleges. What CTS offers is what was necessary for me. The education and diploma in 1 year. I recently obtained employment with the police service in my hometown and I believe that if I didn't enroll when I did with CTS, I wouldn't be where I am now. I strongly recommend the CTS Canadian Career College Police Foundations Program and I am FULLY aware that it opened the door and prepared me for the career that I am so proud to now have!

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