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Medical Office Administrator

As the healthcare industry becomes busier and more complex, medical environments are in need of administrative professionals to maintain operations in the office. Medical office administrators combine computer and administration skills with a basic understanding of anatomy, pathology and pharmacology. By developing skills and knowledge of fundamental office and medical procedures, graduates of the Medical Office Administrator Diploma Program in Sault Ste. Marie are qualified to work in a variety of medical environments, including doctor’s and physiotherapist’s offices, clinics and hospitals.

CTS Canadian Career College’s 52-week program prepares students with the fundamental medical office skills to jump right into rewarding careers. As medical office environments have rapidly evolved, this program familiarizes students with the technology, software and best practices employed in today’s offices. Graduates will know the appropriate terminology to assist medical staff and interact with patients, while being able to produce transcribed reports and process computerized OHIP billing and associated documentation.

The comprehensive curriculum includes business communications, medical transcription and terminology, and the most common software applications. A 125-hour placement is included providing valuable real-world experience, depending on availability.

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Jessica G.

At CTS Canadian Career College they gave me the opportunity to go back to school and change careers quickly. Being a mom I didn't have much time and I wanted an opportunity that would land me a job in the field as soon as possible. I was finishing my placement when I was offered a job and I am still employed there as a Full-time Medical Office Administrator. CTS helped me to fast track to where I wanted to be

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