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What do Law & Justice students learn at CTS Sudbury?

CTS’s Law & Justice programs help students develop the knowledge and practical skills they need to help serve and protect people in their community. With a strong emphasis on ethics, Canadian law, communications and problem-solving, Law & Justice programs prepare graduates for challenging careers that truly make a difference.

Which Law & Justice Programs are offered at CTS Sudbury?

CTS Sudbury offers a range of Law & Justice programs, each designed around current industry trends and the highest standard of excellence.

Law Clerk: Learn the documentation, research, and administrative skills needed to become an essential member of any legal team.

Paralegal: Learn to provide comprehensive support services to legal professionals in a range of environments, including government, private practices, and corporations.

How Does CTS Prepare Law & Justice Students for Career Success?

CTS instructors have years of professional experience. Caring and dedicated, they work with students to ensure they understand and can apply every key concept.

Each CTS Law & Justice program comes with a supervised job placement so students graduate with real-world experience and the confidence they need to secure work in their chosen field.

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Featured Testimonial

Stacie Forrest Corporate Legal Assistant, Conroy, Trebb, Scott, Hurtubise

As a single mother, one of the hardest decisions of my life was to go back to school. The staff at CTS College not only made this easier for me, but they helped me to find funding as well. I have always had an interest in law and within a month of graduation I was working full time in a law office as a legal assistant. The Paralegal/ Law Clerk course prepared me for the work force and the legal field. My life has definitely changed for the better. Thanks to Mona, Barb, Brenda and Yvonne for making the year fly by.

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