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It is a great time to begin a new career as a paralegal in Ontario. Paralegals play an important role in our society, providing the public with access to justice at a reasonable cost. CTS Canadian Career College in Sudbury is accredited by the Law Society of Ontario, enabling graduates to become licensed independent paralegals.

This program will train you to prepare legal documents, research and analyze records and court files, and present yourself in court. You will develop advocacy, mediation and analytical skills throughout the 52 week program and valuable experience during a 125-hour placement arranged through the College. After passing the LSO professional licensing exam following the program, independent paralegals can advise and represent clients in court and take legal action on matters such as personal injury claims, traffic violations and name changes.

Employment opportunities have increased significantly in the last few years due to legislation changes, positive economic growth and positions vacated by those who are retiring. Independent paralegals may choose to specialize in one legal area when representing clients or find work in law firms, government ministries, professional associations, private corporations or trade unions.

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As a single mother, one of the hardest decisions of my life was to go back to school. The staff at CTS College not only made this easier for me, but they helped me to find funding as well. I have always had an interest in law and within a month of graduation I was working full time in a law office.

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