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Primary Care Paramedic

Primary Care Paramedics (PCPs) are the “first responders” providing emergency services and pre-hospital medical care for those in distress. Every day on the job brings opportunities to make profound differences in people’s lives. If you are committed to caring for others, cool under pressure, and enjoy being constantly mobile this could be an ideal career for you.

Functioning as the front line of the medical services team, paramedics perform CPR and other on-site emergency treatment for victims of accident or illness, and safely transport patients to the hospital, continuing care en route if needed. After assessing the situation, PCPs may clear the airway, apply trauma care or administer certain emergency medications. Paramedics work in teams and generally drive their own ambulances or emergency response vehicles.

CTS Canadian Career College’s 52-week program provides all the necessary skills and knowledge as well as hands-on clinical and field placements to become a valuable member of the healthcare team. It will prepare you for career opportunities including ambulance services, hospitals, non-institutional health services, emergency dispatching and private sector organizations.

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Carrie-Anne G.
Primary Care Paramedic

I attended CTS as a Primary Care Paramedic Student in 2012. It was really a rewarding experience: as an adult who had previously attended a Post Secondary Institution and was just a number in a class room it was fantastic to come to a school where teachers not only knew my name but cared about my success in the program. After completing the program I had workable skills that give me the confidence to perform the job.

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