• Medical Laboratory Technician

    It is with excitement that CTS Canadian Career College is now offering the Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician program: Another new addition to our Health Sciences program offerings (Barrie and Sudbury Campus Only).
    Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technicians (MLAT) perform a vital role in the medical laboratory team. They are trained in the collection of specimens from patients, the initial processing and preparation of specimens for analysis, data entry, clerical services, performance of electrocardiograms (ECG’s), and a variety of essential laboratory procedures.
  • Paramedic

    In the Paramedic program you will gain the skills and knowledge to practice emergency pre-hospital medical care and to function as an integral member of the health care team assisting victims of accident or illness, safely transporting patients, and, if needed, continuing emergency treatment after arrival at a health care center.
  • Addictions and Mental Health

    It is with excitement that CTS Canadian Career College is pleased to offer the Addictions and Mental Health program: the newest addition to our Health Sciences program offerings. This diploma program prepares the graduate for professional and paraprofessional positions in areas of counselling and intake within correctional facilities, group homes, young offender facilities, emergency shelters, schools, youth and adult counselling facilities, mental health centers, and other institutions.
  • Office Administrator

    Advancing computer technology means rapid change for today’s office professional. As a result, this program provides extensive training in the latest software, as well as the skills needed to adapt to and manage the ongoing challenges today’s office administrators must face.
  • Police Foundations

    Currently policing agencies in Canada have expressed concern regarding an aging police force. Current enforcement staff are accepting early retirement packages together with a number of current members who will require replacement by natural attrition. In order to maintain current levels of staffing, the hiring will be fairly aggressive. The OPP alone estimate recruiting over 250 candidates each year for the next 5 years.
  • Pharmacy Technician

    As a newly regulated profession with a greater scope of practice, pharmacy technicians play an integral role in the pharmacy practice environment in both hospital and community pharmacies. Under this new profession, technicians take on more responsibility for the technical components of dispensing within the pharmacy, allowing pharmacists to provide more comprehensive patient care services. Our Pharmacy Technician program provides both the theoretical and practical skills required to advance towards becoming a Registered Pharmacy Technician (RPhT). The program curriculum is based on the competencies and outcomes set by the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) and Canadian Pharmacy Technician Educators Association (CPTEA).
  • Personal Support Worker

    Health care is moving more towards individuals remaining in their homes for elder care or surgery and illness recovery in order to save medical costs. This has increased the demand for Personal Support Workers.
  • Office and Payroll Administrator

    The Office and Payroll Administrator program is designed to train students in the latest computer software applications most prevalently used in a professional office environment. Advancing computer technology means rapid change for today’s office professionals. Students must be skilled in the latest software, able to adapt to frequently updated versions, and able to apply computer capabilities to new applications. Add an industry recognised payroll module and you have a graduate that can work in government, manufacturing, service, or many other organizations.
  • Network Engineering Technologist

    You are inquisitive, analytical and possess good problem solving skills. These traits, along with your fascination with technology, make you an ideal candidate to succeed in the fast-paced field of Computer Systems Engineering, Network Administration and Technical Support.
  • Medical Office Administrator

    The skills and terminology needed in a medical office are changing as rapidly as is the health field itself. That’s why CTS Canadian Career College has developed an innovative diploma program built around the specific needs of the medical office employee. This program specially designed to provide our students the skills they need to excel in this dynamic environment.
  • Law Clerk

    Law Clerks are trained to provide many important and highly specialized administrative duties. As a result, this profession has become an increasingly valuable resource to law firms and businesses alike.
  • Paralegal

    The Paralegal career is rewarding and fast-paced, offering advice, preparation and representation to clients in small claims and provincial offences court, dealings with minor criminal offences, as well as appearing before most tribunals.

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