Q: How can I choose a career if I don’t know what I want to do in the future?
A: We have admissions counsellors that concentrate on assisting you to realize a career path that suits your personality, experience and lifestyle.
Q: School is a great idea but how will I manage to finance it?
A: This is often the greatest consideration. Our financial aid officers can offer you various financing options and advice to assist you.
Q: I have a family and commitments; how can I make time to do it all?
A:      1. Our programs are specifically designed with condensed courses to get you back into the workforce faster…in less than a year!
2. Classes are offered back to back for a straight 5 hours so you have time for studying and other commitments.
Q: I can’t wait until the fall to start! Are there alternative start dates so I can finish faster?
A: We hear this often and have start dates all throughout the year. We have recently implemented continuous intakes creating even more opportunities to start your program sooner!
Q: How can I handle the workload of all the classes?
A: The majority of our classes are offered in blocks. You start one class one day and work through that ONE class until finished.  This way you aren’t juggling multiple projects and exams. We also offer class time for hands on practice and projects. We promote LEARNING BY DOING!
Q: Are your instructors qualified?
A: We want you to learn the skills that will make you job ready so we utilize talent direct from the industry. Quite often instructors are still employed in the industry so you are offered information that is current and relevant to what talents employers are looking for.
Q: Indigenous Services – how can I adjust?
A: We understand the complexities of different backgrounds and cultures and are offering services to ensure a better chance for easy integration and success!