1. The scholarship shall be known as the CTS Canadian Career College High-School Scholarship.
  2. A minimum of 1 scholarship per high-school will be allocated.
  3. The scholarship shall be to the value of $500 – $2500, applicable to any program being offered at CTS Canadian Career College.
  4. Application deadline for the scholarship is March 31 of every year.  Successful scholarship recipients will be notified by April 30.  The scholarship is valid for up to two years.
  5. Admissions staff of CTS Canadian Career College will be responsible for the selection, allocation and management of all the CTS Canadian Career College scholarships. All scholarship decisions are final.
  6. Scholarship recipients must agree to have their name and photograph publicized as a recipient of the CTS Canadian Career College High School Scholarship.

Applications for the scholarship should be submitted to CTS Canadian Career College (campus of your choice), or emailed to Only successful scholarship recipients will be notified.