It is with excitement that CTS Canadian Career College is now offering a 50 week Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician program (including a 225 hour placement): Another new addition to our Health Sciences program offerings.

Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technicians (MLAT) perform a vital role in the medical laboratory team. They are trained in the collection of specimens from patients, the initial processing and preparation of specimens for analysis, data entry, clerical services, performance of electrocardiograms (ECG’s), and a variety of essential laboratory procedures.

This program will prepare you to apply for employment in a variety of laboratory settings. The program consists of theory, practical skills application, and practicum components. Upon successful completion, you will receive a diploma from the College, which will allow you to write the MLPAO Certification Examination.

Profile: Responsible; caring; interested in the well-being of others; strong communication and interpersonal skills; dependability; precision; detail-oriented; teamwork-oriented; striving for accuracy

Enrollment Criteria:
Proof of Grade 12 Education or Mature Student Test
Proof of current immunizations
Clear criminal reference check

Program Outcomes: Post-secondary Diploma

Sudbury Barrie North Bay
Program Start Date: September 21, 2020 September 21, 2020

Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician Courses:

Academic Success Strategies & AODA and OH&S Training (20 hours)
Intro to Computers and Google Apps (20 hours)
Job Search and Interpersonal Workplace Skills (20 hours)
Professionalism, Ethics, and Legislation (40 hours)
Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Terminology (100 hrs)
Safety and Laboratory Fundamentals (160 hours)
Hematology (40 hours)
ECG Fundamentals (32 hours)
Midterm Examinations (20 hours)
Laboratory Math and Quality Assurance (32 hours)
Clinical Chemistry (32 hours)
Urinalysis and Body Fluids (32 hours)
Microbiology (32 hours)
Histology and Cytology (20 hours)
First Aid/CPR (20 hours)
Final Examinations (20 hours)
Laboratory Skills and Practice (220 hours)

Program Faculty

North Bay Campus
Sudbury Campus
Amberlie McConnell, cMLA/T^MLPAO
Program Coordinator/Instructor
Stephanie Baker, MLT
Laboratory Technologist
Sudbury Campus
Barrie Campus
Corinne Dinan, MLT
Program Coordinator/Instructor
Terri Belyea, MLA/T
Lead Instructor