Welcome to our Pharmacy Technician Bridging Program!

This webpage is for International pharmacy technician applicants. Please use the following table as a guide in selecting the areas to continue your learning for remediation or continued education.

Each type of course (theory and skills) has two delivery models: theory courses can be taken live online with other students (with a set class schedule); or, online independently, graded by a facilitator with deadlines (with deadlines but without a set schedule for being online). Skills courses can be taken live onsite at one of our campus locations (with a set class schedule); or, online independently, graded by a facilitator with deadlines (with deadlines but without a set schedule for being online). All models require students to participate in independent learning, assessments, submissions, and various forms of virtual collaboration.

The list of available courses will expand based on need. If you would like to request a course that is not on this list, please email [email protected].



CTSCCC Course Options
Course Description
Live Online/Onsite
(offered 3 times per year)
Independent Study
Ethical, Legal and Professional Responsibilities
PTCE300 Pharmacy Laws, Regulations, and Ethics This course provides an overview of all federal and provincial acts and regulations, pharmacy standards and guidelines, operational procedures, and privacy legislation that govern the practice of pharmacy technicians in Canada. Learners will explore how NAPRA’s Model Standards of Practice for Canadian Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacists guide the profession’s expectations for ethics and professionalism. Particular emphasis is on Ontario, with a review of the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) standards and Code of Ethics. 5 weeks


Up to 15 weeks


Patient Care

PTCS102 Communications with Patients and Health Professionals


This course provides the practical application of a collection of scenarios in interpersonal communication with patients and other health professionals. Learners will understand the importance of patient-centered care and effective communications in improving patient outcomes. N/A Up to 4 weeks


Product Distribution
PTCE201 Pharmaceutical Calculations Applying basic math skills to build upon the mastering of mathematical calculations for preparation and administration of medications. Drug dosage calculations will include oral, parenteral and reconstitution of solutions, as well as pediatric calculations. After acquiring the necessary mathematical knowledge required of regulated pharmacy technicians, learners will write an Entry to Practice Examination, on which they must achieve 100% to apply for regulated status. 6 weeks


Up to 17 weeks



PTCS301 Community Dispensing


The course includes the practical application of communication and prescription processing, including the multiple roles of the pharmacy technician as part of the flow of pharmacy. For example, learners will complete tasks such as receiving prescriptions, accurately collecting patient information, preparing medications, and performing independent double checks, within the regulations of dispensing medications. N/A Up to 8 weeks


PTCS201 Medication Packaging Learners will practice the unique procedures of billing and packaging medications in various packaging forms. The use of pharmacy systems, and preferences for packaging such as unit dose, multi-day packaging, as well as billing procedures, regulations and requirements. Grading will be based on billing, filling, and checking for release on packaged medications. N/A Up to 6 weeks

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PTCS200 Compounding (Nonsterile) Skills


The learner will create compound medications following NAPRA standards with the use of master formulas, completing required calculations, procedures and label requirements. Documentation as well as Independent Double Checks (IDC) will be assessed for accuracy and completion. 4 days*
Up to 7 weeks


Coming Soon!


PTCS202 Sterile Product Skills


The learner will practice the sterile compounding of non-hazardous and hazardous compounding following the NAPRA standards and regulations, to provide quality and safe products. Performing all procedures and practices for the safety of the personnel, calculations, and end product check, with the ability to identify areas of concern and errors in procedures. 4 days*
Up to 6 weeks

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PTCS300 Hospital Dispensing Skills



The learner will be introduced and practice tasks directly related to unit dosing, traditional dosing, and ward stock. The student will perform delegated hospital tasks in a practical setting. Assessment will be performed and graded. All students will strive for less than 1% error rate. N/A Up to 6 weeks

PTCE303 Hospital Dispensing Theory


This course will provide the learner with familiarity to the health care in Canada and provincially in an institutional setting. The history of hospital will be studied and the role of the modern hospital will be compared. Learners will be introduced to various associations and committees that govern hospitals and the organization of staff within an institution along with their responsibilities. The pharmacy department will be detailed to include the mission, roles of each staff member and its responsibility to the administration. The role of the pharmacy technician in hospital will be studied and their roles in providing patient care along with delegation of pharmacist duties. 4 Weeks


Up to 12 weeks

PTCS305 Practicing the PT Scope of Practice


This course provides the opportunity through practice scenarios for learners to implement the professional responsibilities required by a Pharmacy Technician and raise awareness of obligations and responsibilities through ethical and professional standards. N/A Up to 3 weeks