It is with excitement that CTS Canadian Career College is pleased to offer the Addictions and Mental Health program: the newest addition to our Health Sciences program offerings.

This diploma program prepares the graduate for professional and paraprofessional positions in areas of counselling and intake within correctional facilities, group homes, young offender facilities, emergency shelters, schools, youth and adult counselling facilities, mental health centers, and other institutions.

Upon entering this intense 52-week program, students will be coached by highly qualified instructors who bring over twenty years of focused training, specialized certifications, and affiliations with the Canadian Addiction Counselling Certification Federation (CACCF).  They also offer a genuine passion for teaching individuals who choose to pursue a career working with this vulnerable sector of our community.

A 300-hour inclusive work placement experience is included.

Addiction and Mental Health Courses:

Intro to Windows, Outlook, and Google Apps Academic and Professional Success Strategies/AODA & OH&S
Working with Families and Youth 300-hour inclusive placement
Case Record Management Case Management and Assessment
Group Facilitation Concepts Human Services Resources & Networking
Introduction to Substance Use and Abuse Pharmacology
Preventive Health Promotion Relapse Prevention & Intervention / After Care & Life Skills
Secondary Traumatic Stress Dynamics of Family Counselling
Basic Psychology Effective Business Writing
Counselling Relationship Best Practices Interviewing Techniques
Communication Strategies Fundamentals of Addiction
CPR and Mental Health First Aid After Care & Life Skills
Interpersonal Workplace Skills/Job Search Criminal Behaviour – Mental Health & Addictions
Abnormal Psychology and Mental Health Concurrent Disorders
Sociological Perspectives on Mental Health Admission and Discharge Assessment Techniques
Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) Diversity of First Nations and Selected Pop. in Health and Illness

Program Coordinators

Program and Placement Coordinator
North Bay Campus

Theresa Haley
Program Coordinator
Sudbury Campus