Job Title Primary Care Paramedic Skills Lead & Clinical Coordinator
Department Instructor
Location Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Reports to Campus Director
Supervises No supervisory duties

Job Summary

The Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) Program Skills Lead Instructor will be responsible for assisting in the coordination of all aspects of the delivery of the Skills program to ensure proper compliance with MTCU and MOH for the Sudbury Campus.

The PCP Program Skills Lead Instructor is also responsible for delivering skills education and practice as outlined in the Course Lesson Plans for Patient Care Skills.  These instructors are expected to promote and pursue high standards of teaching and learning while evaluating students within the guidelines set by CTS Canadian Career College Inc.

Duties and Responsibilities

Skills/Clinical Coordinator:

  • Assist campus director to schedule skills instructors and hours of instruction.
  • Assist with the recruitment process of instructors within the skills program as required.
  • Assist the campus director in maintaining a system of back up instructors to ensure continuity of instruction.
  • Assist the campus director in ensuring instructors are aware of their responsibilities under the heading of ‘Communication/Interpersonal’. Will evaluate these skills and counsel those with problems under a progressive discipline policy.
  • Assist the campus director with PCP class consumables as required.
  • Review all practical testing scenarios and evaluations on completion of practical testing and deal with appeals and retesting as necessary utilizing the skills instructor’s reviews and recommendations.
  • Review marks and pass-fail rates for the campus with the campus director.
  • Assist the campus director in conducting an evaluation of all skills instructors each year or as deemed necessary by the campus director.
  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of lesson plans, presentations, and evaluations for the skills classes.
  • Assist the campus director in identifying didactic shortcomings that impact the skills program.
  • Report to the campus director about any concerns regarding any aspect of the delivery of the program.
  • Develop and keep current Quality Assurance documentation as required for the program.
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings or conference calls as requested by the campus director
  • Participate in Internal Program Review Committee and PCP Advisory Committee meetings.
  • Prepare and present reports as requested
  • Monitor student comp tracker activity within the Skills program and ensure sign-offs are completed by instructors as required.
  • Plan and deliver daily classroom activities with the Skills Coordinator that are consistent with the approved lesson plans and curriculum.
  • Ensure all skills instructors are meeting course objectives as outlined in the course lesson plans.
  • Schedule and keep track of clinical hours for each student
  • Explore new clinical opportunities and maintain current clinical relationships

Skills Instructor

  • Incorporate various techniques in implementing the education/practical material as required;
  • Have a sound knowledge of the course in which instruction is being given;
  • Provide signoff on the Instructor Signoff Sheet confirming that all objectives have been met for that Lesson Plan;
  • Provide constructive feedback to the campus director on course and program improvements as required.
  • Demonstrate an ability to ascertain the learning needs of the Instructor’s students and develop appropriate activities to properly instruct the students;
  • Organize and effectively use classroom time;
  • Use the appropriate level and form of language so as to effectively communicate with the student;
  • Use instruction techniques/methods that recognize and take into account needs and learning capacities of students;
  • Be able to modify techniques during instruction in response to the needs of the students;
  • Assist students in developing efficient learning skills and work habits;
  • Deliver the course effectively, ensuring all course objectives are met as outlined in the course materials;
  • Report equipment deficiencies and/or inventory shortages to the campus director as required;
  • Establish, in the classroom, an appropriate atmosphere which is conducive to learning;
  • Maintain fair, firm and consistent discipline with the students;
  • Regularly monitor student progress and adjust lesson plans accordingly, while still meeting all objectives as outlined in the lesson plans;
  • Maintain accurate academic records and provide to the campus director for final mark allocation
  • Identify academic weaknesses in students early in the program
  • Ensure action plans are implemented to correct study activities or clarify topics.
  • Refer continuing academic issues to the campus director on a timely basis to ensure the student receives all necessary support for success
  • Inform students, beforehand, of the basis upon which their performance will be evaluated by providing students with the Student Handout at the beginning of each course;
  • Base the evaluation of students on the guidelines established CTS Canadian Career College Inc.;
  • Ensure that the evaluation of students is appropriate;
  • Regularly check the completeness and quality of the students’ work;
  • Keep accurate and complete records of student performance;
  • Implement practice scenarios in accordance with guidelines established in the lesson plans ensuring that course objectives are appropriately covered. Submit test scenarios and final scenarios to the Regional Skills Coordinator for approval prior to use.
  • Forward all documentation to the campus director for allocation of marks
  • Communicate on an appropriate basis with students, co‑workers, the campus director; the President of CTS Canadian Career College Inc. or designate, and community members;
  • Communicate clearly and precisely;
  • Report student progress to the Campus Director in an effective and acceptable manner;
  • Respond promptly to inquiries from the Campus Director
  • Communicate with the students Campus Director in a professional, constructive and accurate manner;
  • Use discretion and consideration in speaking of the campus, CTS Canadian Career College Inc., co‑workers, and the students, both on campus and off;
  • Use appropriate channels in problem solving;
  • Ensure that students, through their studies, are prepared for the placement and will, therefore have a meaningful experience;
  • In the classroom, draw upon student placement experiences to reinforce instruction and help to develop students’ coping strategies
  • Participate in student graduations and functions
  • Other duties as assigned



Successful candidate must have graduated from a Primary Care Paramedic Diploma program and currently hold a valid Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant Certificate.


Successful candidate must have experience working as a Primary Care Paramedic and maintained their paramedic skill set. Candidates with greater experience in the field are preferred.


  1. Ambulance Act
  2. Ontario Career Colleges Act
  3. Accessibility of Ontarians Disability Act – customer service standard
  4. Clerical and administrative procedures


  1. Microsoft Office Suite
  2. Google Mail, Docs, Calendar, and Hangouts
  3. Moodle
  4. Adobe Connect


  1. Work with competing priorities and deadlines
  2. Deliver lectures
  3. Conduct yourself professionally at all times
  4. Communicate with internal staff and external community members

Working Conditions

  1. Position location: Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
  2. Work environment: Office and Classroom environment
  3. Hours of work: Up to 10 hours per week doing Skills Lead & Clinical Coordinator duties. Skills instruction could range from 0-25 hours per week.
  4. Schedule of work: Monday to Friday


The successful candidate can expect a wage between $30 – $32 per hour.



Please submit your cover letter and resume to [email protected] and identify the position and location that you are applying for in the subject line.

CTS Canadian Career College and Modern College of Hairstyling and Esthetics is an equal opportunity employer.