A law clerk is a professional in the legal field responsible for performing a variety of important and specialized administrative duties. These include:

  • Document preparation for trial
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Searching titles
  • Processing real estate transactions
  • Completing family law financial statements
  • Arranging trial dates and adjournments

Law clerks work both independently and as part of a team, operating behind the scenes to support the daily operations of the office or department in which they work. CTS Canadian Career College offers a 48 week program for organized, detail-oriented students who wish to launch an exciting new career in the legal profession.

Career Paths for Law Clerks

Law clerks find employment in a variety of workplaces, both public and private. These include:

  • Court offices
  • Registry offices
  • Law firms
  • Individual lawyer offices
  • Corporate legal departments
  • Financial institutions
  • Federal, provincial and municipal government offices
  • Government boards and tribunals

Law clerks in Canada earn on average $45,587 annually. Retirement is expected to increase over the next few years, due in part to changing regulations. This means there is a projected increase in demand for new law clerks with the latest, most relevant training.

Courses offered in Barrie for Law Clerks

CTS Barrie offers a comprehensive 48 week law clerk program.

Courses Include:

Educational Success Wills, Trusts & Estates
Introduction to Windows Administrative Tribunals
Microsoft Outlook 2007 Immigration Law
Placement Accounting I Microsoft Word 2007
Criminal Law Microsoft Excel 2007
Family Law Microsoft Internet Explorer
Small Claims Court Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Residential Tenancies Act Legal Communication
Intro to Advocacy and Evidence Intro to Law
Legal Research Corporate and Business Law
Interview Skills & Office Administration Civil Procedures – Rules
Law Office Accounting Canadian Tort Law
Legal Transcription Contracts Law
Debtor-Creditor Law Highway Traffic Act
Job Search