Job Title Primary Care Paramedic Regional Coordinator
Department Head Office
Location North Bay, Sudbury or Barrie
Reports to Al Santos
Supervises Primary Care Paramedic Clinical Placement Assistant
Reference # 2016-40

Job Summary

The Regional Placement Coordinator is responsible for the development and maintenance of productive relationships with EMS and Clinical sites to expedite appropriate placements for all PCP students in all campuses for ambulance placements and also for Clinical placements at the Barrie campus. Clinical placements are handled by the Program Campus Coordinator at the North Bay and Sudbury campuses.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Contact and/or travel to clinical sites to establish and maintain ongoing clinical rotation opportunities for students
  • Establish and maintain all agreements with institutions with the assistance of the Placement Assistant including affiliation agreements, Partner Site Qualification Agreements and Participating Site Request for Accreditation Agreements.
  • Ensures Program Placement Assistant and/or coordinator schedule clinical rotations appropriately
  • Contact various institutions to arrange placements
  • Conduct appropriate Clinical Placement Orientation for students; checklists are complete and applicable documentation is distributed prior to commencement of Clinical Placement including Student Placement Binder.
  • Ensure that applicable, current and complete student documentation is complete and is forwarded to the institution promptly.
  • Ensure preceptor training is effective and complete.  Conduct training sessions as required in addition to the Online Preceptor Training program.  Ensure all Clinical Site Supervisors receive current Training and Orientation documentation and Clinical Manuals.
  • Ensure completion of C level competencies is properly documented for all students.
  • Ensure that the Program Coordinator is notified of any student performance issue during clinical rotation and that appropriate action is taken.  Follow up with the Preceptor to ensure situation is resolved.
  • Contact and/or travel to EMS services in Ontario to ensure Ambulance Preceptorships are available for all qualified paramedic students
  • Establish and maintain all Agreements with EMS operations including Affiliation agreements, which include Partner Site Qualification Agreements and Partner Site Request for Accreditation Agreements with the assistance of the Program Placement Assistant.
  • Ensure Program Coordinators conduct appropriate Ambulance Placement Orientation for students that checklists are complete and that documentation is distributed prior to commencement of Ambulance Placement including Student Placement Manual.
  • Work with the campus director, program coordinator and placement hosts to provide placement extensions.
  • Ensure Program Coordinators are notified of any student performance issue and that appropriate action is taken.  Follow up with the Preceptor to ensure situation is resolved.
  • Sit on a committee that will examine poor student performance and make recommendations to that committee.
  • Ongoing maintenance and updating of Ambulance Placement contacts including preceptor qualification, annual call volumes, etc.
  • Supervise the activities of the Placement Assistant to ensure the needs of students and preceptors are met.
  • Participate in Graduation ceremonies at each Campus
  • Participate on Internal Program Review Committee and PCP Advisory Committee meetings
  • Meet and prepare the President regarding meetings with the Ministry of Health.
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings or conference calls as requested by campus directors, the Director of Accreditation, and the President.
  • Implement the policies and procedures established by the College
  • Ensure policies and procedures are communicated to appropriate staff
  • Ensure compliance with policies
  • Assist with development of policies and procedures that are consistent with CTS Canadian Career College philosophy, Ministry and CMA requirements
  • Participate in the student complaint and appeals process in the PCP program
  • Responsible for National Contract proposals including presentations
  • Recommend marketing initiatives to the President appropriate to the community and ensure accurate tracking is carried out
  • Represent the College at various school-related functions, either individually or with the Program Coordinators and/or the CD
  • Assist the Program coordinators in promoting graduates to employers
  • Participate in seminars and other related activities put on by CTS Canadian Career College to promote the College and the Paramedic Program.
  • Other duties as assigned




The successful candidate will have graduated from a Primary Care Paramedic program and currently holds a valid Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant (AEMCA) certificate.


No direct experience is required for this position. Preference will be given to any candidates that have experience in a related job setting.


  1. Ambulance Act
  2. Private Career Colleges Act
  3. Accessibility of Ontarians Disability Act – customer service standard
  4. Clerical and administrative procedures


  1. Microsoft Office suit
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Google Mail and Calendar
  4. Skype


  1. Working with competing priorities and deadlines
  2. Communicate with internal and external stakeholders
  3. Prioritize, schedule, and plan effectively

Other Attributes

  1. Bilingualism – English and French is preferred
  2. Conduct yourself professionally at all times
  • Communicate with internal and external stakeholders

Working Conditions

  1. Position location: The successful candidate can work out of any location (North Bay, Sudbury, or Barrie – Frequent travel to the other campus locations will be expected
  2. Work environment: Office environment and in the community visiting
  3. Hours of work: Up to 40 hours per week
  4. Schedule of work: Monday to Friday, operating on a flex schedule.

Major Competencies

  • Attention to Detail
  • Communication
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Networking
  • Time Management


The successful candidate can expect a wage between 27$ – 35$ per hour.