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4 Essential Skills That Every Paramedic Must Have

May 20th, 2015
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  Paramedics are one of the first points of contact in any emergency situation, alongside police officers and firefighters. Paramedics are responsible for assessing and providing any treatment that a patient may require before he or she receives full medical care at a hospital. Not everyone is suited to work as a paramedic, and students… View Article

3 Essential Communication Skills for Medical Office Administrators

May 13th, 2015
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Communication skills are important for professionals in any career, and people of all walks of life. Good communication helps us get our point across, share information, and listen to and understand others. Medical office administrators know the importance of effective communication, as they interact with patients, doctors, pharmacists, and suppliers on a regular basis. Here… View Article

Is Opening a Private Paralegal Practice Right For You?

May 12th, 2015
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Once you graduate from paralegal college, you will have to decide what your next career move will be. While graduates often pursue work within law offices or independent companies, others sometimes take the road less travelled and open their very own legal practice. Of course, if you choose to make the leap into opening a… View Article

Addiction vs Habit: A Checklist for Addictions Counsellors

May 6th, 2015
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Many people consider habit and addiction to be interchangeable terms. And while they share similarities, certified addiction counsellors understand that they are actually quite different. An addiction contains psychological and physical elements. This means that an individual suffering from an addiction is mentally or physically incapable of controlling his or her addiction without seeking help…. View Article

Ontario Police Upgrade Mental Health Training for Officers

April 29th, 2015
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All police officers across Ontario receive mental health training as a core component of their law enforcement education. As we continue to learn more about mental health issues, this training will continue to evolve. “One change that we have recently made is reaching out to mental health professionals to help with our training,” said Brantford… View Article

Office Administrator’s Guide to Amazing Time Management

April 16th, 2015
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In today’s day and age, it’s safe to say that we’re pretty much all busy. How is it that even with heavy workloads and full personal lives, some people manage to fly through their days, get things done on-schedule and not appear too drained? The secret lies in time management skills. First, we must realize… View Article

Top Trends in IT and Network Engineering

Network engineering career
April 13th, 2015
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In a career that focuses on maintaining an entire computer network, it can be a task just to keep up with the evolution of technology. As one of the main employees responsible for installing and maintaining computer communication networks at a company, network engineers will no doubt see some new trends coming their way in… View Article

5 Strategies for Addiction Intervention

April 1st, 2015
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Addiction intervention training prepares students for a career where it’s possible to change the lives of others every day. Through addiction intervention courses, students can learn what addiction truly is, what the various models of intervention are, and how to implement them in patient scenarios. Read on to find out what type of work you’ll… View Article

Pharmacy Technician: A Flexible, Rewarding, In-Demand Career

March 25th, 2015
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For students heading to health care colleges in North Bay, there is no better time than now to take pharmacy technician training. The new and quickly evolving world of drugs and pharmaceuticals requires a larger staff of professionals working in pharmacies to help manage the distribution of drugs to the general public. The pharmacy technician… View Article

Ontario Pilot-Project Expands the Role of Paramedics

March 19th, 2015
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  Paramedics are the first responders to any accident or injury that is dialed into 911, and these employees carry the responsibility of successfully transporting a patient from the scene of the injury to the hospital. It is a fast-paced, active career which requires employees who are dedicated to healthcare and assisting those in need…. View Article