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Law Clerk

December 29th, 2015
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Do you love anything law-related, and do you want legalese to be the language you master next?  A career as a Law Clerk can help to make it happen! Law Clerks are considered the ‘glue’ that holds a law practice together. Their highly-specialized skills in legal research, preparation of legal documents, and even interviewing potential… View Article

Where do Personal Support Workers work?

December 2nd, 2015
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For many, the work of a Personal Support Worker (PSW) is easily defined; they assist with activities of daily living and personal care in long-term care environments, such as nursing homes and retirement residences. The truth: there are innumerable employment and career opportunities available for a graduate of a PSW diploma program like the one… View Article

How to Make the Most of Your Student Placement

July 30th, 2015
How to Make the Most of Your Student Placement Many programs at CTS Canadian Career College require students to complete a placement in their fields of study. Some students resent this requirement and are unable to see the importance in the experience. Other students see the value in the opportunity and are able to make… View Article

Why Going Back to School as a Mature Student Could be the Best Decision

July 29th, 2015
Why Going Back to School as a Mature Student Could be the Best Decision The thought of going back to school for almost anyone over the age of 30 could possibly be enough to send shivers down the spine for most people. This reaction is perfectly understandable, but that daunting concept should bring excitement rather… View Article

Do you have what it takes to be a successful Paramedic?

July 15th, 2015
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Do you have what it takes to be a successful Paramedic? Many people who come and meet with an Admissions Counsellor at CTS Canadian Career College express their desire to train for a career where they can help people. Of course, ‘helping’ can assume a variety of forms, but it is something that many people… View Article

An Addiction Counsellor’s Guide to the Most Addictive Drugs

June 24th, 2015
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People get into drugs for a variety of different reasons. They could be curious, want to fit in, want to relieve boredom, rebel, or use a drug as an escape during a difficult time. Unfortunately, hard drugs can trap someone into an addiction extremely quickly. Certified addictions counsellors know that these addictions can be very… View Article

Tech Programs That Every Paralegal Needs

June 18th, 2015
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The work day of a paralegal can sometimes get hectic –especially when preparing for court cases. This exciting career involves carrying out legal research, drafting legal documents, and interviewing witnesses on top of a whole list of general administrative duties. If you’re looking to play an important role in Canada’s legal process, then a paralegal… View Article

Tips for Successfully Landing a PSW Job

June 10th, 2015
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Ontario’s senior population is growing quickly. While personal support workers help a variety of patients – including those recovering from illness or surgery – the elderly represent a large portion of their clientele. As baby boomers retire, that client base will only get bigger. Provincial governments are responding to this change in demographic by hiring… View Article

The Importance of Being Physically Fit as a Police Officer

June 3rd, 2015
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In recent years, public awareness of fitness has grown to the point where most people know that being physically fit doesn’t just mean having a strong body. While strength is important, physical fitness also means increased flexibility, faster recovery from illness or injury, improved endurance, and much more. Police departments across Canada realize the importance… View Article

How to Cut Costs Through Effective Bookkeeping

May 28th, 2015
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Office and payroll administrators are responsible for carrying out the bookkeeping duties for a business. This includes recording and filing essential financial transactions like payments, purchases, payroll, and sales. With a highly skilled bookkeeper, a company can ensure all transactions are correctly recorded, keep better track of their financial documents and even save money. If… View Article