Stress Management Tips for Paramedics

If you’re considering becoming a paramedic, know that once you’ve graduated, you’ll be a front-line first responder who people will call upon during times of crisis. Calm and cool, you’ll be a trusted and valued member of your community. And with this responsibility will come great satisfaction as you help save lives and keep people… View Article

Secrets of “Active Listening” That Could Boost Your Career

If you are attending paralegal school in North Bay, or if you want to become a community services worker, “active listening” is a term you’ll become very familiar with. What’s similar about these two careers is that they both demand a sophisticated level of communication with a client. The ability to differentiate between normal listening… View Article

CTS-CCC Opens New and Improved Sudbury Campus

CTS Canadian Career College has opened a brand new Sudbury campus that is certain to help many more students build marketable skills and secure professional success. Larger and more welcoming than its previous location, CTS’s new Sudbury campus at 66 Elm street is both easily accessible and centrally situated. The new campus features updated technology,… View Article

Benefits of Including Family in Addiction Counselling

Struggling through addiction can be one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. The hard truth is that addiction does not just affect the victim. Addiction is a disease that affects everyone in a patient’s life, especially their family. Attitude changes, neglect, struggling relationships and high-risk behaviour are all signs of a drug… View Article

Is Police Work Right for You?

Before entering the police program in Sudbury, one thing potential law enforcement officers always ask themselves is whether or not police work is truly right for them. It can be a highly rewarding profession, both physically and mentally, but upholding and enforcing the law can also be challenging – and of course, comes with a… View Article