Show Me the Money! Tips for Success as a Payroll Administrator

If you can envision yourself in a leadership role, are well-organized, and truly enjoy crunching numbers, payroll administration could be your ideal career path. And with some extra effort on your end, you could reap both personal and financial rewards. Currently the average annual salary for an entry-level payroll administrator is $41,000/year. But that number… View Article

A Beginners Guide to Medical Office Administration

A career as a medical office administrator is synonymous with the words challenging and rewarding. Just as you won’t hear lawyers singing the law school Barrie blues anytime soon, successful medical admins are generally very satisfied with their careers – and for good reason. Medical office administrators are talented multitaskers who combine a range of… View Article

Paramedics: On the Front Lines of Patient Care

Paramedics save lives. They are the first line of defense against injury and sickness and an integral part of both the healthcare system and our local communities. Pretty much everyone is aware of the valuable service paramedic college graduates provide for those in need. Most of us either know someone who has been helped by… View Article

Benefits and Rewards of Becoming a PSW

Caught up in our increasingly busy lives, many of us tend to overlook the immense challenges faced by individuals with reduced mobility – people who for a range of reasons, require special assistance to complete essential daily tasks.  In many cases, that assistance comes from PSWs – personal support workers. Canadians, with our large population… View Article

Latest Trends in Addiction Treatment

There have been many debates about the origins of substance addiction. Is addiction the result of poor choices? Is it hereditary? Is it a disease? There are cases to be made for all three of these points, because addiction is so complex, it’s hard to pin down just one causal factor. Graduates of paramedic colleges,… View Article