Why choose a career as a Registered Pharmacy Technician…

The pharmacy is fast becoming a central part of the health care system in Ontario. In many cases, people are visiting pharmacies not only to have their prescriptions filled but also to have flu and other shots administered, health consultations with the pharmacist, and non-narcotic prescriptions renewed. With these additions to the scope of practise… View Article

Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician

The Canadian population is rapidly aging, and an increased need for professionals in a variety of health-related industries is required to address their medical needs. This has resulted in heightened demand for personal support workers in settings like long-term care facilities; paramedics launching pilot projects on community care for the elderly; and regulated pharmacy technicians… View Article

Law Clerk

Do you love anything law-related, and do you want legalese to be the language you master next?  A career as a Law Clerk can help to make it happen! Law Clerks are considered the ‘glue’ that holds a law practice together. Their highly-specialized skills in legal research, preparation of legal documents, and even interviewing potential… View Article

Where do Personal Support Workers work?

For many, the work of a Personal Support Worker (PSW) is easily defined; they assist with activities of daily living and personal care in long-term care environments, such as nursing homes and retirement residences. The truth: there are innumerable employment and career opportunities available for a graduate of a PSW diploma program like the one… View Article

How to Make the Most of Your Student Placement

How to Make the Most of Your Student Placement Many programs at CTS Canadian Career College require students to complete a placement in their fields of study. Some students resent this requirement and are unable to see the importance in the experience. Other students see the value in the opportunity and are able to make… View Article