High School Scholarship: $2500 for All Eligible Students

May 29th, 2024 by Sherri Leblanc

Making the jump from high school to a career college program can seem a little daunting for some. It’s a new routine, with new challenges, but also plenty of opportunities.

Fortunately, jumping straight into a college program as you prepare for your future career has never been easier thanks to the newly expanded CTS Canadian Career College High School scholarship, now available for all eligible students.

What is the High School Scholarship offered by CTS?

The High School Scholarship offered by CTS Canadian Career College is simple: any recent high school graduate who enrolls in any program at one of our four campuses will receive a $2,500 scholarship at the time of their enrollment. 

Who can apply for the High School Scholarship?

The High School Scholarship is designed to be as wide-reaching and accessible as possible. It is available for all our college programs and at all of our campuses in Northern Ontario.

The only conditions for applying for the scholarship are below:

  • Applicants must have successfully completed their high school education
  • Applicants must have graduated from their high school in the past 16 months prior to applying to CTS Canadian Career College.

That’s it! 

If you’re a recent graduate who successfully completed their high school studies, and have your transcript to prove it, that means you’re more than likely already eligible for this scholarship.

How do I apply for the High School Scholarship?

applying for college scholarship

Applying for the scholarship is easy. After browsing our website and selecting the program or campus that interests you the most, simply contact our admissions team by calling or filling out any request for information form. When our admissions advisor gets in touch with you, simply mention that you are interested in the scholarship and they will instruct you how to send in your transcript.

Additional Details About the Scholarship for High School Students

Students who have been awarded the scholarship may be required to have their name and photograph used in publicity, announcements, or other updates pertaining to the scholarship. 

Frequently asked questions about the scholarship

What amount is the scholarship?

The scholarship is $2,500 per student, given at the time of enrollment. It can only be received once per student.

Which campuses is the scholarship available at?

The scholarship is available at all four of our campuses: North Bay, Sudbury, Barrie, and Sault Ste. Marie

Which programs are eligible for the scholarship?

Every program offered at any of our campuses is eligible – whether that be massage therapy, medical lab technician training, pharmacy technician, or any of our other college programs on offer.

Are you a recent high school graduate looking to jump right into a program that can help kickstart your future career and give you the salary you’re looking for? CTS Canadian Career College offers a wide variety of career-focused programs, most of which can be completed in under a year – getting you to your new career faster. If you’re interested in our scholarship options, please reach out to our admissions team.