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December 29th, 2015 by CTSCCC

Do you love anything law-related, and do you want legalese to be the language you master next?  A career as a Law Clerk can help to make it happen!

Law Clerks are considered the ‘glue’ that holds a law practice together. Their highly-specialized skills in legal research, preparation of legal documents, and even interviewing potential witnesses or clients allows them to step up when needed in a variety of capacities to assist the entire legal team.

Wanting to be a law clerk and having the skills and traits for this field might be two different things. Here are skills and traits exhibited by many successful law clerks:

Multitasking: Legal cases do not follow a specific timeline, and information gathering and collecting cannot always be managed in an easy and measured schedule. On top of that, the law clerk is likely to be working on more then one file or case.  Law clerks need to be able to juggle and manage multiple tasks and competently prioritize their ever-growing and changing list of duties.  Being organized is complimentary to being able to multitask well.

Attention to detail: In the legal world, one single word in legal documentation can make the difference for your clients. Whether the law clerk is preparing a legal document on behalf of a client, or whether he or she is researching and reviewing documentation to be used in defence or representation, a keen attention to detail is imperative.

Technological capabilities: Being proficient with word processing, spreadsheet management, and legal transcription are essential qualities for law clerks.  Additionally, comfort with videoconferencing, preparing digital presentations, and conducting online research are skills that law clerks need to thrive in their positions.

Interpersonal skills and teamwork: Working as a law clerk will put you in contact with many different people on the legal team, along with others who are involved with cases. Being able to confidently speak with clients, attorneys, witnesses, and opposing counsel is an essential skill of every successful law clerk.

Working as part of a legal team is very rewarding, and the fast-paced environment is quite exciting. Although a law clerk will not stand up in court to question a witness or put a defendant on the spot with a difficult line of questioning, this professional’s role is essential in working on behalf of a client.

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