Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician

April 12th, 2016 by CTSCCC

The Canadian population is rapidly aging, and an increased need for professionals in a variety of health-related industries is required to address their medical needs. This has resulted in heightened demand for personal support workers in settings like long-term care facilities; paramedics launching pilot projects on community care for the elderly; and regulated pharmacy technicians who are preparing and dispensing medications.  Even medical office administrators are seeing increased opportunity as they work in all health care settings, assisting by ensuring an organization remains functional in its day-to-day operations. Trends in stable and fulfilling employment like these are impossible to ignore.

With this in mind, the academics department at CTS has worked for months to develop comprehensive and condensed curriculum, approved by The Ontario Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists, to prepare individuals for alternative career opportunities in the health sector, including in positions as Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technicians (MLA/T).

Laboratory technology is at the disposal of countless doctors with diverse specializations. Individuals who are properly trained to collect, prepare and process samples, gather and report data, and conduct a variety of clinical laboratory services—including performing electrocardiograms (ECGs)—are sought after for their unique skill sets and training, proven essential to modern day diagnoses.  With more diagnostic testing available, the demand for trained assistants and technicians continues to increase. Those who have successfully completed the CSMLS/OSMT Certification Examinations may find careers in hospital laboratories or in private laboratories and clinics across Ontario and Canada. Typical duties and responsibilities include drawing blood, preparing tests for analysis, serology testing, blood typing, microbiological plating, fecal and septum smears, and quality assurance.

A career in a medical laboratory is best suited to an individual who is detail-oriented and strives for precision and accuracy. In this occupation, you will be working on your own as well as a part of a medical team; therefore, strong communication and interpersonal skills are essential. Tight deadlines require responsible, dedicated and reliable assistants and technicians to ensure they are met. Professional designation through the Ontario Society of Medical Technologists and The Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science show not only the education has met both a provincial and national professional standards, but that the individual who holds the certification has been able to demonstrate competencies in both practical and theoretical aspects of laboratory practices and procedures.

Medical Laboratory Assistants/Technicians are playing an important role in patient care in Ontario. A career such as this can be very fulfilling.  With the current high need for trained individuals, there are numerous opportunities. If you have an interest in this type of career in the health sector, please visit to request more information today.