Most Valued Office Administration Skills

February 4th, 2015 by CTSCCC

Business administrators are responsible for completing a wide range of important tasks on a daily basis. They understand the procedures and operations of the organization for which they work, and they have a large repertoire of knowledge which extends from understanding the marketing processes of a company all the way to its financial and accounting functions. If you plan to pursue a career in office administration, you will soon learn that a qualified administrator is a crucial component of every business. Read on to find out the essential skills you’ll need to succeed as an administration professional.

Technology Skills

Whether you plan to enroll in an office administration school, pursue a degree from a payroll college, or perhaps even attend a pharmacy technician college, there is no question that you will have to be proficient in computer technology before you enter the workforce. These days, it’s unrealistic for a business to even survive without computers. In fact, technology actually drives business productivity.

Most companies depend on computers for completing a wide range of tasks, including storing and keeping track of large magnitudes of information. Business administrators know that in order to complete some of their daily tasks (record keeping, inventory tracking, scheduling, etc.) they must have an extensive knowledge of various computer programs, specifically financial, word processing and organization software.

Leadership Skills

Every great office administrator understands the importance of having exceptional leadership capabilities. Because most administrators are responsible for supervising many other office workers, it’s essential that they possess a certain level of confidence and assertiveness and are able to take control of any situation, both anticipated or unexpected. Professional administrators should be able to take over the responsibilities of their superiors, should they be put in a position where they have to.

Financial Skills

Though they do not need to be certified accountants, most office administrators have taken payroll courses at some point during their studies. Administrative professionals should to know how to prepare budgets, settle expense accounts and present financial information. To perform such tasks, it’s important that they be familiar with a range of key finance and accounting software. Though financial skills are not a requirement for this position, possessing them can definitely increase an office administrator’s value to an organization or company.

Communication Skills

Since an office administrator’s job requires him or her to supervise office assistants or delegate work to other company employees, it is absolutely crucial that they have exceptional communication skills. Professional office administrators know that it’s important that they clearly express their needs when they are delegating work. Listening clearly to others and respecting their opinions and ideas are also imperative to being a great office administrator. These skills go far beyond having a good grasp on oral communication, since business administrators are typically required to write emails, letters and memos – excellent written communication is a necessity as well.

Can you think of any other professions that might also require this skill set?