The Importance of Being Physically Fit as a Police Officer

In recent years, public awareness of fitness has grown to the point where most people know that being physically fit doesn’t just mean having a strong body. While strength is important, physical fitness also means increased flexibility, faster recovery from illness or injury, improved endurance, and much more. Police departments across Canada realize the importance… View Article

How to Cut Costs Through Effective Bookkeeping

Office and payroll administrators are responsible for carrying out the bookkeeping duties for a business. This includes recording and filing essential financial transactions like payments, purchases, payroll, and sales. With a highly skilled bookkeeper, a company can ensure all transactions are correctly recorded, keep better track of their financial documents and even save money. If… View Article

4 Essential Skills That Every Paramedic Must Have

  Paramedics are one of the first points of contact in any emergency situation, alongside police officers and firefighters. Paramedics are responsible for assessing and providing any treatment that a patient may require before he or she receives full medical care at a hospital. Not everyone is suited to work as a paramedic, and students… View Article

3 Essential Communication Skills for Medical Office Administrators

Communication skills are important for professionals in any career, and people of all walks of life. Good communication helps us get our point across, share information, and listen to and understand others. Medical office administrators know the importance of effective communication, as they interact with patients, doctors, pharmacists, and suppliers on a regular basis. Here… View Article

Is Opening a Private Paralegal Practice Right For You?

Once you graduate from paralegal college, you will have to decide what your next career move will be. While graduates often pursue work within law offices or independent companies, others sometimes take the road less travelled and open their very own legal practice. Of course, if you choose to make the leap into opening a… View Article